Hello World!

My name is Stefan Frank. I'm currently working for Granify in Edmonton, Canada. We use artificial intelligence to identify & convert those online store shoppers who wouldn't otherwise purchase. We are a pretty amazing company backed by some of the strongest venture capital firms in Canada and the USA. Learn more at granify.com.

What else?

I'm originally based in Hamburg, Germany. In this great city I'm working as a web design and e-commerce freelancer, and interned at Airbnb and Trakken. I have a bachelor's degree in Digital Media Management from the MHMK Hamburg.


Below you can find a few of my favorite projects:


Shirtissimo.com is an online shop for creative funshirts and one of my first projects. It was created in 2008 and redesigned in 2009.

Link: www.shirtissimo.com
Skills: Concept, Management, Design, Development
Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Analytics
Screens: Shop I / Shop II / Blog / Brand / Old


Since 2008 I sold more than 5.000 shirts on the European and North American marketplaces of Spreadshirt. I provide more than 600 different designs, which can be used by end consumers as well as other shop owners to create lovely shirts.

Link: Europe / North America
Skills: Concept, Design, Management
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
Screens: Profile / Shirts I / Shirts 2 / Bestseller / Concept


Retronauten.de is a blog project, taking you on a journey to the past. Inspired by the amazing How To Be A Retronaut, we adapted the concept for Germany and show stunning historical photos.

Link: www.retronauten.de
Skills: Concept, Content, Design, Development
Tools: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator
Screens: Page I / Page II / Twitter


Another e-commerce project I'm currently working on. StartupPoster is an online shop for inspirational, beautifully designed posters and prints. We combine smart quotes with beautiful typography and high-quality prints.

Link: www.startupposter.com
Skills: Concept, Management, Design, Development
Screens: Brand / Pinterest I / Pinterest II


This website project for a Rostock, Germany based eye doctor was realized in cooperation with Ralf Mank Konzept.

Skills: Concept, Design, Development
Tools: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Unify-CMS, Google Analytics, Photoshop
Screens: Page I / Page II / Flexibel font size / CMS


I tweet on Twitter. I post on Tumblr. I pin on Pinterest. I travel with Airbnb. I learn to code on Treehouse. Aprendo español en Duolingo. I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn or XING. And I'm also on AngelList.



You can contact me on the above-mentioned sites or send me an email to hi@stefanfrank.eu.